Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Study

Research has revealed that certain lifestyle factors and health behaviours can have a positive impact upon quality of life, chronic disease risk factors and other health related areas, for women after cancer.

A team of leading Australian health researchers, led by Professor Debra Anderson at Queensland University of Technology, is undertaking a project to investigate the effectiveness of a 12 week structured lifestyle program (Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program) in improving health and wellness in younger women who have had breast, blood or gynaecological cancer. The Program focuses on a range of health behaviours and has been developed especially for women after cancer based on the latest research evidence.

The research team is looking for female participants who are:

  • Australian residents
  • Aged 18 to 50 years old
  • Treated for breast, blood or gynaecological cancer
  • Completed chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy
  • Able to speak and read English to Grade 10 level
  • Have no metastatic disease (advanced cancer)
  • Computer literate
  • Own, or have access to a computer or IPad tablet device for the duration of the study.

Registration is Closed

Recruitment for the Younger Women's Wellness after Cancer Study is now closed and we will be busy analysing the data. We thank you for your interest.

Please contact us via our email for further information on other projects:

Professor Debra Anderson is the Director of the Women’s Wellness Research Program located at Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University. Her research aims to promote healthy behaviour change in women with and without chronic disease. Read more +

Prof Alexandra McCarthy (Chief Investigator) Sandie has practiced extensively in acute cancer care, including chemotherapy administration, in rural and metropolitan settings. Read more +

Prof Patsy Yates (Chief Investigator) Patsy is jointly appointed as Professor of Nursing at Queensland University of Technology and Director for Queensland Health’s state-wide Centre for Palliative Care Research and Education (CPCRE). Read more +

A/Prof Dian Tjondronegoro (Chief Investigator) Dian established, and currently leads, the Mobile Innovation Lab (MILAB) in 2010. MILAB aims to shape the future of mobile and multimedia computing, with a strong focus on research and development, teaching, and ...Read more +

A/Prof Jane Turner (Chief Investigator) Jane has worked clinically in oncology for 20 years, and has had extensive involvement in the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and health professional education and skills development. Read more +